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One of the most exhilarating feelings happens when you enter a property and instantly feel at home. The excitement can easily take over. Our guide is here to help everyone, from First-Time Buyers to more experienced purchasers. Our intention is to make the process easier to follow - but we are just a phone call away, just in case.

1 Arrange a mortgage where required

Before you set out to look at properties, best practice is to find out what your budget will be. Normally an appointment with your Bank or an Independent Financial Adviser will indicate what you can afford and you will be backed by an agreement in principle. This shows your intent and commitment to any proposed seller.

2 Location and Criteria

Having a good idea where you want to live will help you to focus on finding your new home. Communicating your wants and needs clearly and accurately will help you to avoid unnecessary viewings and allows you to maximise your time looking for your special home. Be clear about your requirements, bedrooms, bathrooms, study, receptions to reduce the stress levels involved in house-hunting.

3 Contact Estate Agents

Once you know your budget, criteria and location(s) it is time to register your details with the local agents. These are the people with the in-depth local knowledge who are best placed to help you find your dream home and but also advise you all the way through the purchasing process. Remember: in a strong and buoyant market, your flexibility and availability to view properties is key to success.

4 Instructing your solicitors

At this stage will be important to have decided on the firm to represent you. Having a good firm of solicitors on standby will certainly encourage vendors to take you seriously. An experienced solicitor from a well-regarded local firm will be crucial to avoid unnecessary delays from the start.

We refer purchasers to Franklins Solicitors LLP and or Simply Conveyancing Property Lawyers Ltd. It is your decision to instruct or not them. Should you decide to instruct Franklins Solicitors LLP or Simply Conveyancing Property Lawyers Ltd you should know that we would receive a referral fee of £240.00 inc. of Vat from them for the recommendation."

5 Offers

We will present your offer in the best possible light to our sellers. Ultimately they will make their decision based on your offer, your circumstances and any other useful information that you can provide. Their decision will be communicated to you verbally and then confirmed in writing.

6 Offer accepted

Once your offer is accepted your solicitors will start the legal process. At the same time your Bank (or Financial Adviser) will be submitting your application. A survey will be instructed, if successful, your mortgage offer will be issued.

7 Exchange of Contracts

Contracts will be exchanged. This is a legally binding step. We agree the move-in date and together we will have achieved the initial goal.

8 Completion

The most exciting part for most: you will be moving into your dream home today. Our journey together ends for now…… see you next time.