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Selling Process

1 Accurate Market Appraisal

Unless you are very lucky your property is normally your biggest asset. When you come to sell it you naturally want to obtain the best price, so you rely on skilled professionals with local experience to get you the correct valuation. A professional agent will have a good range of comparable evidence of sold prices in your area and the local knowledge to back it up.

2 Selecting your Estate Agency

When choosing an estate agency it is not always the highest valuation nor the lowest commission that will be in your best interests.

If the valuation is to high your property may stay in the estate agency’s portfolio for weeks without any interest. This results in the property looking stale and reduces its appeal.

A low commission can look very attractive when budgeting, but costs will inevitably be cut somewhere. However, it could become a costly decision if your property is not marketed effectively and presented to the world professionally with high-quality images, floor plans and brochures. A key consideration should be where your property will advertised. A high-street presence and regular opening hours will certainly lend confidence to your choice of agent.

A confident and responsible estate agency will be at your side all the way providing you with the best advice gained over years of experience.

3 Presenting your property

The rule here is to present your property looking its best. The more attractive a property looks, the higher level of interest it will create. This is one important area that is under the your control and where you can maximise your property’s potential.

4 Marketing your property

By instructing Marshalls you will have received the best advice. We offer most appropriate marketing tools available today to market your property. The range varies from simple, but effective and attractive, property photographs and accurate descriptions to well-produced videos.

We will work together to define the best way to bring your property to the market.

5 Instructing your solicitors

At this stage will be important to have decided on the firm to represent you. Having a good firm of solicitors on standby will certainly encourage purchasers to take you seriously. An experienced solicitor from a well-regarded local firm will be crucial to avoid unnecessary delays from the start.

We refer sellers to Franklins Solicitors LLP and or Simply Conveyancing Property Lawyers Ltd. It is your decision to instruct or not them. Should you decide to instruct Franklins Solicitors LLP or Simply Conveyancing Property Lawyers Ltd you should know that we would receive a referral fee of £240.00 inc. of Vat from them for the recommendation.

6 Accompanied viewings

As your trusted estate agents, we firmly believe that we should personally conduct every single viewing. After all, this is our main opportunity to sell the benefits of your property and make it stand out from any others in the area.

7 Offers

Every offer that we receive will be presented to you verbally, then confirmed in writing and negotiated as per your instructions. We will offer the best advice possible in accordance to market conditions and our understanding of your purchaser’s position but, ultimately, you will have the full control and the last word.

8 Exchange of Contracts

Contracts will be exchanged. This is a legally binding step. We agree the move-in date and together we will have achieved the initial goal.

9 Completion

The most exciting part for most: you will be moving into your dream home today. Our journey together ends for now…… see you next time.